Myanmar Dance and Music

Group Dance

This group dance is usually the first dance presented in a Myanmar theatrical performance show. It is the kind of dance which is performed in energetic movements and in a lively choreographic style to rhythmic beats. This dance portrays a famous character in a well-known drama during the Innwa era in the 16th Century A.D. which reveals his hobbies and character with fascinating dance and music.

Musical Instruments

This drum circle (“saing waing”) and “Myanmar harp” are Myanmar traditional instruments. The drum circle (“Saing Waing”) is consisted of 18 to 24 drums so hung and given names from left to right. The drums are tuned by sticking variously amounts of a lump of dough to the membrane. It can produce traditional diatonic scales. The Myanmar harp is a bow-shaped instrument of wood and deer hide and compose of 13 to 16 strings of hand twisted spun silk.