Destination Myanmar

An insignificant number of international tourists visited Myanmar in 2017. To be exact, it stands at 3,440,000 according to the data compiled by the ASEAN Skyline. This does not come as a surprise to many people. There are many factors leading to that figure. From one point of views, it is devastating to see Myanmar at a very low spot compared to its fellow ASEAN neighbors, even lower than a small economy like Laos. On the other hand, it gives Myanmar a lot of potentials to grow further, faster, and bigger.

Here are some comments on that figure:
“I feel that Myanmar is emphasizing too much on cultural tourism and not so much on adventure, fun, and relaxation.”

“One interesting case in Laos, no beach at all, no famous historical sites, but I believe they have many places with nature, adventure, and relaxation as main attractions. I’ve been to Vientiane for at least 7 times over last 10 years. No interesting places in Vientiane except the Mekong River. I heard many attractions are outside of Vientiane.”

“We have a fledgling government that is stumbling around like a baby learning how to walk but has an attitude like a teenager who thinks he knows it all. This will take time.”

“Well…it is also important to note how much each country spent on tourism promotions. I bet Thailand is the top one as well.”

“Looking positively, Myanmar has lots of upside potential to continue to grow in the inbound tourism sector. (appropriately supported by the infrastructure improvements, of course.”